Kubariki are pieces of paper on which you can write down your notes. The leaves themselves are small, often 90mm x 90mm. They can be glued, or they can be folded into a special box for them. By the way, we also produce these boxes for notes.

And of course, we put your logo both on the notes for notes and on the box itself.

These note sheets are usually used in the office, but are also applicable at home, and some even carry them with them in their purse (a variant of the block with glue).

Of course, this product can and probably should be used for advertising purposes.
What’s more, the type of sticky notes included with a cardboard box with a lid is a great gift option for brand promotion. Well, or for another purpose or event, because we can print anything you want on a sheet and cardboard. It can be a personalized, personalized cube.

Can choose:

  • Form
  • Number of sheets (often 50 sheets, but sometimes 100, 150)
  • Paper color
  • Mounting method (may be without mounting)
  • Packaging (a box with a folding cardboard lid, branded, we recommend)

Use the kubarik as a souvenir, unobtrusively reminding your customers of yourself. A great option to give it at various events, presentations, exhibitions.
Small in size, but with a creative design – eye-catching.

Use post blocks as an effective advertisement.