Takeaway and delivery

Упаковка для еды на вынос

The production of food boxes is not an easy, time-consuming, but very interesting process.
What should be considered when choosing a printer for printing such boxes?

  1. The presence of a sanitary certificate approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova, thanks to which the printing house receives the right to produce and sell food packaging.
  2. The use of food coloring
  3. The use of modern printing technologies that minimize the contact of the final product (packaging) with a person.

How responsible are we in this process?

Because it is important for us to know that every consumer will eventually be able to find an environmentally friendly, high-quality and tasty product on the store shelf.

The use of cardboard as a food packaging material is very common. After all, cardboard is environmentally friendly and meets the requirements for food packaging.

In addition, cardboard packaging is inexpensive, relatively moisture resistant and durable.
And you can store a large amount of packaging in your warehouse, because when folded, food boxes take up very little space. Also, this food packaging is very light.

And of course, printing on boxes has long proven itself well.
Colorful packaging will attract attention, and an extraordinary design will emphasize your individuality.

You can not only print your logo, picture or other information on the food packaging, but also make the cardboard box itself individual or specific, depending on your requirements and needs. Sometimes the product itself determines the format of the box, for example, two-piece boxes are usually used for cakes, for a festive candy set, the box can be with handles, and fast food packaging (fast food, takeaway food) has its own specifics.