Menu printing for restaurants and cafes is a separate type of printing. In addition to the printing itself, we do cutting, lamination, embossing, 3D varnishing. We can use any format (A4, A5, non-standard).

It is believed that the appearance of the menu has a significant impact on the visitor.
Therefore, it is necessary to think in detail and decide on the following points:

  • Format, menu size
  • Binding
  • Sheets, paper quality, cover
  • The amount of information and their location (name, weight, composition of the dish, description, photos)
  • The format of the menu itself, it can be a sheet with folds, a notebook or a book, on staples or a spring, or even in the form of a newspaper.
  • Font, its size, number of sheets, design, decor elements.

Please see the layout requirements.

Underplates are coffee sets, such paper napkins that are used in cafes and restaurants, for example, to protect the table from scratching a glass or sliding a glass or other utensils and appliances. They can also protect the tablecloth from stains, they are used as an element of decor (with them a neater look).

And of course, printing on napkins for glasses will help you advertise your dishes, novelties, or simply create unique decorative elements for table setting by printing anything you like on napkins.

The menu or its individual positions on coffee sets or under plates look interesting. It not only introduces the visitor to your promotions or specialties, for example, but can encourage them to make an impulsive purchase.

For small runs we can offer high-quality digital printing, and for large orders we can offer high-quality offset printing.

If you need a budget option for personalized underplates, napkins for glasses, try using only 1 color in the layout.
Better yet, call us and we will be happy to talk with you, answer your questions and share tips.

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