Cardboard bags VIP

Пакет из картона

Cardboard packaging is very attractive for both a novice entrepreneur and a large business. First of all, of course, this is an affordable price, which will not greatly affect the final cost of your product.

Despite its lightness, cardboard still has a certain rigidity, which will undoubtedly protect your goods during transportation or handling operations. It also protects against weathering and moisture.

If you don’t have much space, don’t worry, cardboard packaging will help you save it!
Indeed, when folded, cardboard boxes can be placed very compactly, in large quantities.

The quality of any packaging is determined by several parameters. Including the quality of the cardboard itself, from which it is made. What’s important?

  • Thickness. Depends on the number and density of layers;
  • The presence of a special coating, which will determine the convenience of storage and transportation of your packaging in the future;
  • Rigidity. The ability to resist deformation and mechanical damage.