Carton bag

Carton bag

A gift bag is an integral part of what you give. For an expensive present, a high-quality original packaging is requested, corresponding to the content in shape, color, and design.

Designer cardboard is the material that is ideal for making VIP packaging, which can be similar to velvet, leather or other material. Clear, bright colors are often used.

The shape of the package for a gift can be with handles, which are different:

  • Cut-through (possibly reinforced, which will increase their strength)
  • Loop (welded or rope, plastic, metal elements can be used to strengthen the handle and the bag itself)

There are also bags with a window that allow you to view the contents of the package without looking into it.

The bags can be printed by offset printing, and varnish can be applied to protect and brighten the image.

Flexographic printing can be used for large print runs, the ink layer will be very thin, and the VIP package cardboard itself can be used thick.

For greater strength, you can use lamination – applying a thin film on cardboard. Lamination will improve the external aspect of the gift bag and add to its presentability.
Lamination paper is matte, glossy.