Box for children's goods

Packaging for children's products

Packaging design for children’s products affects not only children, but also their parents. Of course, children are gullible, they are attracted to something bright, but the product itself is bought by their parents. At the same time, what attracted the child today will probably be completely uninteresting to him in a year, when he grows up.

What we print on product labels for children under 3 years old is information only for their parents. But preschool children already have a rich imagination. For them, the packaging itself is a toy. Therefore, printing on packaging for children can be very attractive, especially if it is interesting to design. Come up with an unusual box that has a character printed on it with slots in certain places, through which the contents of the package can be seen.

Sometimes companies come up with their own character, which accompanies the goods for children that the company produces. Such characters become friends of children and when they see a character printed on a box for children, the child wants this toy.

Given that preschool children are just learning to read, images and symbols are mainly used.

After 7 years, children actively explore the world, they develop logic, analytical thinking.
On the packaging for children’s products, you can already place educational content, still colorful, entertaining.