POS materials are marketing tools, in our case, images and inscriptions that we see every day in a store, cafe, supermarket.

They are designed to inform the visitor about the names of the zones, show the direction, about the availability of a promotion, and so on.

It can be the name of a brand or department, it can be pasted on the floor, hung from the ceiling or as a sign or banner.

Pointers will help you navigate in the hall, these can be large stickers and stickers.

For advertising purposes, at the checkout or on the display of goods, you will definitely see price tags, tags, receipt boxes and more. All this can be used to push the visitor to purchase by indicating a discount or promotion.

Proper use of POS-materials will definitely bring you results.

We will print everything you need for successful sales:

  • For the entrance area and outdoor use, decoration
  • For the trading floor
  • For showcase and product display
  • For the checkout area