Fashion magazines

A lot of sheets fastened to each other – this is a multi-page printing, which is limited only by your imagination and requirements for layouts.

This type of work, such as printing a magazine or printing a catalog, requires some effort, which can be divided into stages:

  • Development and layout creation
  • Printing a Book or Brochure with Your Chosen Method
  • Booklet preparation
  • Binding all pages to each other with the desired option.
  • Finishing

The binding can be different, it can be sewing, glue, and a combined option is also possible. Brackets, springs can also be used. Bindings are soft and hard.
Binding affects the durability of a printed product (for example, a company catalog) and the open percentage, for example, a book.

In the case of printing a book, it is necessary to take into account the fact that a person will read a large amount of text and it should be convenient for him to do this.
Well, in the case of printing a glossy magazine, the cover can be colorful and original.