A flyer is a classic piece of marketing. With the proper competent approach, a structured text in combination with a creative design will allow you to convey the necessary information to a potential client. At minimal cost, you can get a very tangible result.

A double-sided folded sheet of paper is the classic booklet.
The design of the booklet is usually bright, attracting attention.

The eurobooklet is very common, it is an A4 sheet folded under a European envelope. Its size: 98mm x 210mm.

Folding is part of the post-print processing of a booklet. Namely, the creation of a fold line.
If a tear-off coupon is expected, then perforation is made along the fold line.
In general, folding can be two parallel lines, a zigzag, in the form of a window.

If the booklet paper is thick, then scoring is done, grooves are pressed in at the fold to reduce the rigidity of the sheet.

A commonly used booklet paper is coated because it is very white.

Advertising booklets, in principle, are all informational, but some are promotional, contain information about a specific promotion, others with a small list of goods, and others for mailing lists.

There are also image advertising booklets. Branded.
Advertise the company itself.
The printing of such booklets requires special attention, high quality both to printing materials and layouts.