On the desktops in the offices, you can often see notebooks with the company logo, the so-called branded notebooks. A great way to unobtrusively remind yourself of yourself for a long time. And for a relatively small cost.

You can even print the sheets of the notebook in black and white, and make the cover thicker and more colorful.

It is also possible to print many notebooks by offset printing, which will be cheaper than digital printing, and store them in a warehouse for various promotional events.

Planning or glider can be confused with a daily or weekly planner.
The difference is that planning is usually located on the desktop, horizontally, in an open form, leaning on its pages, a more rigid cover. The whole week is located on one open horizontal planning page, thus all scheduled tasks for the week are visible.

The cover is made of bumvinyl (laminated cardboard), leather, paper, balacron.

Planings are both universal and specialized. There are special tables and formulas. There are for gardeners, mothers and even for children.

Of course, in the age of modern technology, it may seem that paper planning is no longer needed, because there are electronic ones. But sometimes planning things on paper, writing down with a pen, is not only more familiar for many, but also more reliable.

Of course, printing and planning makes it possible to place a company logo and once again unobtrusively advertise your brand.