Gift packaging

Gift packaging

A good gift always wants to be packed in a good suitable box. It is strange to give an expensive souvenir in some shapeless bag. You can, of course, do something with your own hands and it will undoubtedly be wonderful, but what if you produce and sell something that is often taken as a gift or a souvenir and asked to pack it festively?

You can order from us original and unique boxes or other types of packaging, on which we will apply your layout. Often this is a brand, company logo.

It could be:

  • Packaging paper
  • Cardboard box
  • Gift bag
  • Gift envelope

We can use digital color printing, which will be inexpensive and fast.

Or apply offset printing on thin cardboard. We will receive bright packaging with the possibility of lamination, if necessary.

Flexo printing prints on cardboard using forms that are made individually to order within a few days.
1,2,3 colors are used, not counting the color of the cardboard itself.