Takeaway food packaging

Takeaway food packaging

Cardboard packaging for food to go, takeaway or delivery is convenient and environmentally friendly.
Such packaging with paper printing is versatile, it can be bright, some types of paper food packaging are even suitable for heating in the microwave.

Boxes or packaging can be prefabricated, and can be, for example, with a soldered bottom.
Possibly locking.

Such paper utensils for fast food (fast food restaurants), with their own logo and other information, are disposable and easy to recycle.
Suitable for both cold food and hot food.

If we take pizza as an example, or rather a pizza box, then I would like to note that the box should be, let’s say, heat-resistant, it should keep warm at least for a while.

At the same time, hot steam from the product must not stagnate inside, the box must not

  • soak from moisture
  • deform
  • soak through with fat from food.

Packaging for fast food with delivery should be easy to assemble on the one hand, and strong on the other hand.

Also in the box are possible additional compartments for various additives, such as sauces.