The company directory is part of the marketing. A good product catalog will attract attention, and therefore potential buyers.

Directories are:

  • Image. In the first place is the presentation of the company, and only then the description of the goods.
  • Advertising. Survey of goods, actions, discounts. There may be prices.
  • Periodic. The catalog is printed after a certain period of time. Includes updated information about the company, promotions, products.
The creation of a catalog is carried out in several stages.

Idea and design development.
The subject, purpose, volume of the catalog are selected.
Images and text material are being prepared.
The layout is created.

Prepress stage.
You can (even need) to familiarize yourself with our requirements for layouts.
Our designer will be happy to help you.

Catalog printing.
For smaller print runs, digital printing is fine.
Offset printing is more profitable for large print runs.

Post-print processing.
Cutting, die-cutting, lamination, creasing, stitching, embossing, folding, varnishing.
In general, bringing the catalog “to mind”, making it presentable, protecting it from damage.