Cardboard box for accessories

Packaging for clothes

Clothing packaging can be made of cardboard or paper.
We can print both on cardboard boxes and paper for packing clothes.

For large runs we use offset printing, but we also have advanced digital printing for smaller quantities (more suitable for paper bags).

We can also use flexo printing, this is a relatively inexpensive way of applying an image to cardboard in large quantities. The dye is very resistant, does not wear out and does not stain when using a cardboard box for clothes or shoes.

It is desirable that there are not too many light colors in the picture for printing on the box, otherwise the picture will seem blurry. And the contents of the box should not contrast strongly with its color. It is unlikely that a black classic expensive men’s belt will look good in pink packaging. But a women’s accessory, a dress or women’s shoes will go well with a pink tint.

But probably many brands have both men’s and women’s clothing and, for example, packaging for accessories can be with the brand’s logo, regardless of whether there is a tie or a bow.

Bed linen, underwear, T-shirts, T-shirts – all this can be packed with paper and folded into cardboard boxes, on which we will print your logo and other images of your choice. We print both on wrapping paper and cardboard packaging.